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Originally Posted by ..Vel..
I'm not talking about that kind. The type I refer to is evil. The ones who pit themselves against humanity. A taste of what they do is, child trafficking/sex slavery, black satanic magic and blood ritual sacrifice just to name some. They have infiltrated every institution. Education, government, academia professions. The darkness I refer to is not one to love, it has agendas of many kinds and they are not in the best interests of humanity.

Love is in the best interests of humanity as long as they are loving they can do no wrong. If they are hating then they would be wrong and only then.

Evil is not the right word, even evil has it's righteous place. The word is wrong, are they wrong in what they do?, if not leave them be and let them get on with their lives

Are they right or wrong in what they do?, thats all that matters.

Life is measured by how much one loves. The more love one has, the more abundant life is. Amen
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