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Originally Posted by BigJohn
I had a similar experience when the Iraqi War began. In my case, I was dreeaming and was forced to lay down, face down in a spread Eagle fashion. It was hot and I was sweating. Then I felt the barrel of a gun put to my head. Being it was only a dream, I let it cotinued. Finally the heat and sweat got to me. So I woke up only to find myself laying face down, in my bed, in a spread Eagle fashion soaked in sweat! Later, I discovered the War had begun.

It as if I was living another person's life.

As for you, look for more clues and ways you might be able to make contact. If you can't make contact verbally, why not try something simple like a pendulum.

Thats very interesting big john i cannot remember know when it was some war erupted in the east it was two or three months before it started but i was suddenly dreaming about big oil tanks been blown up this happened several times all i could see was devastation it seemed so real in the dream more vivid to me it was like i was suddenly thrust into the dream place from another dream state i never thought anything else about till it came to see iton the news one day i just was just staring in amazement
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