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Sub-thread: the Energy in the Meridians

In the former sub-thread: what is Meridian indeed, I explained that meridians are tunnel-shaped continuous space within human body which go between skins, muscles, bones, organs, etc. and all the meridians join together forming a complete system spreading throughout every part of the human body.

The thing in the meridians is life energy/force, we’ve been calling them Qi(Chi) in China since 2500years back, other discipline may call them etheric energy, that’s OK for one thing with two different names.

What does this life force/Qi do?
It is called life force because it is the fundamental energy source for all your body activities, including body movements, speaking, thinking, as well as the inner body activities that your mind cannot control, such as organ functioning, glandular secretion, self-healing, etc. The more Qi, the more powerful of the functioning of all your body activities including the self-healing ability. That's why some methodologies which is able to increase your Qi is able to heal your body over many diseases, especially the chronic diseases. Such methodologies are many, e.g. Taoist meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, Buddhist meditation,etc. The difference is sooner or later.

Where does this Qi come from?
The Qi will be produced by your own body after you eat and breath. The body will produce Qi everyday automatically for your daily consumption of all your body activities.*Please be noted that Qi is not nutrition, but something above stores and moves in the meridians. Meridians are channels of sending the Qi to every part of the body where it is needed. Only when the quantity of Qi produced everyday is more than that consumed, the total quantity of Qi in the body will increase. That is how you will get more Qi. The methodologies mentioned above will be of help in increasing the productivity of Qi.

Some may say that this energy so called Qi is actually etheric matter and it can only be obtained from the universe by deep meditation when the brain frequency matches with the frequency of the universal etheric world.

It is true that the Qi can be obtained from the surroundings or universe, as I said Qi and etheric matter are just two different names of one same thing, but it is Quite difficult in doing so which may take years after which time the success can not be guaranteed as well. Why not take the much easier way to obtain them by increase the productivcity of Qi by yourself in practising those mentioned methodologies. In addition, when you have sufficient Qi within your body, all the blockages of meridians will be cleared, the body will be more healthy, by that time, it will be much more easier to go deep when doing meditation and much more easier to connect the universe.

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