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Indigenous Spirit of All colors

I don't see any restrictions/guidelines on what can be talked about under
this forum subsection.

So I would like to discuss anything Indigenous and Spirit related.
Any peoples, Black, Red, Yellow, White indigenous ways.

I like the basics or core Spiritual principles of Indigenous
beliefs, I think they may be called Center. LOL

Here is how my basic Native Spiritual Life began.
I went to a Inipi (some call it a Sweat Lodge)
It is more appropriate to call it a Purification Lodge.
This Inipi we call our Mothers/GrandMothers Womb.(Earth).

Anyway I walked up to the fire where there were many cantaloupe
sized lava Rocks being heated Red hot.
The man worked the fire and I was amazed at the Fire and the Rocks.
After sitting in the Lodge and the man brought in the Red hot Rocks
I felt Primordial and this time I was in was gone and it could have been
any time on this Earth.
Something begged at my spirit and it longed and longed for something
like it never longed before.
I thought "WOW I wonder if one day I could carry in these
GrandFather Rocks with the Red hot Life in them?"

So after crawling out of GrandMothers Womb a clean fresh person I asked.
"You think one day I might carry those GrandFather Rocks into the Lodge?"
They said sure tomorrow.
In one day I achieved all my Spiritual goals.
I gave up my old life and jumped in the Medicine Mans van and started
down the Red Road of Life.
I have been carrying these Sacred Red hot Living relatives ever since
and my Life is always Blessed. They have taken me to many places and
I have sat with many Medicine peoples of all colors praying for goodness for everyone and
everything's Life.
As the basic saying goes.Mitakuye Oyasin.
These two words mean “All My Relations” or “We are All Related”. To pray this prayer is to petition God on behalf of everyone and everything on Earth

Now for some cool music.
About braids maybe?
Where they at

A video about. 50 min.
The men of 5th world.
Just because I believe it today, doesn't mean I will believe it tomorrow.
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Anything I write is opinion based on my present perspective and state of being.

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