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Free will

Consciousness shaped upon the anvil
Of our Universe bestowed free will
Two paths we may choose to employ
Divine aligned or ensnared by egoic ploys
One is the path of joyous expansion
The other of anxiety & contraction
One embraces joy in the eternal
The other sorrow in the ephemeral
Free will is granted by the Universe, so that we may be enabled
To voluntarily choose to be at the fulcrum of love, ego disabled
Ourselves recognising the path we need to tread
Rather than being spoon fed
Our soul evolution
Marked by ego devolution
Transforms us from a passive love receptor
To a divine entwined active love transmitter
We alone can make this choice of free flowing be-ness
In our poignant, spontaneously ecstatic aloneness ...
Pristine silence & complete being-ness in vibrant stillness ...
To unify as one with the That absolute Oneness


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