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Hello BigJohn!

I haven't had any problem with language barriers yet. I have had problems with MY lack of intelligence as it seems that there are times when they state things or project them to me, but I can't understand them. After days pass and things happen, then I go: "ah! THAT'S what they meant" and then a big "d'oh!"

For the rest of the communication, it is not a "spoken" kind of thing. It is more of a "yeah, I know" and understanding words and feelings without sounds.When my BFF came to say goodbye the night he died, I was this small child (like 5-7 years old) and he was this tall, handsome man like person. What made me realize I was dreaming about him and listening to him was that I was vehemently hugging him.

I did not want to let go, and I said so repeatedly. "said so" like when you speak in a dream. You know you are speaking, but you are not sounding anything out. conversely, I could understand him telling me that it was time for him to leave and that there was nothing he could do or would like to do about that. he said more things of which I remember some and some others seem blurry.

for the spirits and deities.... I can "know" what they say. Sometimes they come in the form of information I "know" and then, after a few days or hours I completely forget. As if I was in some sort of trance or something. In other times I still "know" stuff but it's just quick short answers to specific questions.,

I used to do cold reply writing.... as I read it in some book somewhere about "talking to angels".... I guess that is how I know (at least to some extent) that I am not psychotic or schizoid.

I do not know if I replied your question. I think I rambled.
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