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I would like your input guys.

It is going to be long post. I am sorry, but I am not that much experienced even if I am talented.

I've been able to see ghosts and learn that they are there since always. I have had no "education" on the matter and all I have is information I "receive" from beyond and bits and pieces I have been able to gather from here and there.

I am learning Japanese. Well, have been learning. It is really hard to learn the language especially when you've been out of school for over 20 years! :lol: people who think that you can just go back to learning and either gifted or nuts.

Well, I like Kitsune. (fox-like deities)and a few weeks ago, before falling asleep at that time when you are "looking" with your eyes closed and about to forget about yourself... I saw a female-like person dressed in black with a red band across her forehead. I can't say it was a woman, but I can't say it was a man. It was human and it looked fine in its facial lines. I remember I saw a kitsune mask or something similar and then that entity removed it and I could see ONE human like eye. It was big and glassy....

a few days later, while in the shower, I kinda blacked out and then I saw or feel that I saw a pair of blue eyes, much similar like the ones I saw before asleep....

I used to meditate and I stopped because my pups started to be afraid of being in my room. They had nightmares and so I stopped ( I did all the proper steps before meditation and I did not do it "just cause").

Since then at night there is a tremendous amount of heat in my room. Either I sweat so much that my pillow ends up soaked (just like if I had poured a glass of water on it) or I have even seen the night water glass with water vapor in it.

I am wondering If they are related, If I am crazy and just "thought" i saw something and saw nothing....

any opinions?
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