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Originally Posted by Honza
To many of us at SF and probably world wide too, there is a distinct difference between I AM (Hinduism/Buddhism) and G-d (Judaism/Islam).

The two spiritual paths seem incompatible.

I had a thought that perhaps the union of the two is what Jesus was talking about.

Jesus called Himself "The Son Of G-d" - Not "G-d" nor "I AM" - BUT BOTH!

He was apparently the connection of the two dichotomous truths.

To put it into simple language; He knew He was not ALL - The Father. Yet He also knew that He was G-d - I AM.

So how do you solve this riddle of being both G-d and not G-d?

You become "The Son Of G-d". Both G-d and I AM.

Jesus knew that it is impossible to be ALL of has to let ALL of G-d BE. Not BE ALL of G-d.

Yet He also knew that He was an equal PART of that totality. He knew He was G-d as an equal. He knew He was I AM.

So what jesus was talking about is the integration of G-d and I AM, whereby ones "I" is an EQUAL part of the totality of G-d.


I'm not sure that placing this thread on the Judaism sub-forum is the best location for it if you insist on making Jesus a part of the conversation.

Further, though there are distinct differences between Hinduism and Judaism, an examination of the mystic tradition of Judaism might give you reason to change your mind, on some levels, regarding compatibility.


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