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the integration of I AM and G-d

To many of us at SF and probably world wide too, there is a distinct difference between I AM (Hinduism/Buddhism) and G-d (Judaism/Islam).

The two spiritual paths seem incompatible.

I had a thought that perhaps the union of the two is what Jesus was talking about.

Jesus called Himself "The Son Of G-d" - Not "G-d" nor "I AM" - BUT BOTH!

He was apparently the connection of the two dichotomous truths.

To put it into simple language; He knew He was not ALL - The Father. Yet He also knew that He was G-d - I AM.

So how do you solve this riddle of being both G-d and not G-d?

You become "The Son Of G-d". Both G-d and I AM.

Jesus knew that it is impossible to be ALL of has to let ALL of G-d BE. Not BE ALL of G-d.

Yet He also knew that He was an equal PART of that totality. He knew He was G-d as an equal. He knew He was I AM.

So what jesus was talking about is the integration of G-d and I AM, whereby ones "I" is an EQUAL part of the totality of G-d.

The Humility, the Pride and the Shame.
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