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thanks so much for taking the time to answer my query

You raise some interesting questions, that need to be kept top of mind. Yes the mind is a powerful tool, and I know if I am the one having the session DONE to me, I always ask the practitioner to ask silent questions, so that I am not able to influence the answer.

That addresses how you avoid influencing the response yourself, but could not the tester have expectations or preconceived beliefs regarding the condition as well which might unconsciously influence how much pressure he/she exerts?

You actually dont exert hardly any pressure on the arm, except the pressure of 1 or 2 fingers

Yes, I've had the procedure done, and I know only one or two fingers are used, but there can be a wide variance of how much pressure is exerted, even so.

it simply unlocks and falls. Some clients can tell when you are getting to an important point, because they can feel their arm weakening. Dehydration and rehydration play an important role in accurate muscle testing, as well.

That I do know... I've actually been told by the practitioner to go drink water and come back in a half hour...!

AND there are ways in which to check if there are sabourtages in place, to lead you down the garden path, or when you cant get a response. About the hour after question. Well I cant say I have ever put it to the test. But let it suffice to say that often the body just wants to make you aware of something..... after it has done that, it is no longer an issue, which would require a response.

Yes, I see what you're saying. That makes sense.

If it was sensitivity testing only, I am not sure you wouldnt get the same response, unless of course you had already done some energetic work and realignments. So, cant really answer that one with a yes or no, sorry.

It's okay... what you gave was helpful

All I might suggest (with tongue in cheek) is that if you want precise accuracy in your work, dont work with human beings or the gods!!! Like most other modalities, it is a tool to allow the client (and yourself) to become aware of emotions, patterns, health related issues, etc. You can "heal" all you like, but if the client is not prepared to look at their "wounds" or indeed to heal them, you aint got a chance. You can "fix up" something one day, and they have recreated it the next, because the wound itself is "currency" in their power structures.

Yes indeed! But if we are being asked to put our faith in these various modalities, they have to have credability to some degree. It's not that one necessarily expects it to work every time for every person, but the method or system at least has to make sense in terms of how it does and can work, no?

Hope that answered your question. If not, let me know. I can be a little obtuse from time to time!! I am curious, why are you interested?

My interest lies in curiosity about a modality I don't fully understand. In the interest of learning new things, I'm curious as to how it works, why it works, if it works. I'm a metaphysician of long standing, so holistic healing methods that work energetically with the spirit are by their very nature interesting to me, not to mention having had many of them practiced on me...some with more success than others. The only healing modality I practice and am well-informed on is Reiki. I have heard the pros and cons of muscle testing discussed at various times with other metaphsycians and have posed my questions but no one seemed to be able to provide an answer.

You've given me lots to chew on... thank you!

Have a great day. JEN

You too!! And thanks again

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