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how does the practitioner know he/she is exerting the exact amount of force each time in the context of testing, and the mind being a powerful thing, is it not possible said practitioner might have a bias as to what result is expected and unconsciously exert more or less force in order to achieve that result?? Also, I've been told that when you muscle test, the results are true IN THAT PRECISE MOMENT and that they might NOT be an hour later. That the body's response fluctuates based on all sorts of circumstances

Hi Lightfilledheart
You raise some interesting questions, that need to be kept top of mind. Yes the mind is a powerful tool, and I know if I am the one having the session DONE to me, I always ask the practitioner to ask silent questions, so that I am not able to influence the answer. We have a large amount of scan lists which you run your fingers down - the muscle responds when you point to something of interest. The body intelligence is both within and outside itself - I often think it is the soul talking to you...... "clear this stuff please". You can work with a locked and then an unlocked muscle to check, if you are in doubt.(the locked muscle unlocks, while the unlocked muscle actually locks itself) You actually dont exert hardly any pressure on the arm, except the pressure of 1 or 2 fingers - it simply unlocks and falls. Some clients can tell when you are getting to an important point, because they can feel their arm weakening. Dehydration and rehydration play an important role in accurate muscle testing, as well. AND there are ways in which to check if there are sabourtages in place, to lead you down the garden path, or when you cant get a response.

About the hour after question. Well I cant say I have ever put it to the test. But let it suffice to say that often the body just wants to make you aware of something..... after it has done that, it is no longer an issue, which would require a response. If it was sensitivity testing only, I am not sure you wouldnt get the same response, unless of course you had already done some energetic work and realignments. So, cant really answer that one with a yes or no, sorry. All I might suggest (with tongue in cheek) is that if you want precise accuracy in your work, dont work with human beings or the gods!!! Like most other modalities, it is a tool to allow the client (and yourself) to become aware of emotions, patterns, health related issues, etc. You can "heal" all you like, but if the client is not prepared to look at their "wounds" or indeed to heal them, you aint got a chance. You can "fix up" something one day, and they have recreated it the next, because the wound itself is "currency" in their power structures.

Hope that answered your question. If not, let me know. I can be a little obtuse from time to time!! I am curious, why are you interested?

Have a great day. JEN

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