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what is kinesiology?

I figured I would be the first to post in this section.

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"Kinesiology (muscle testing) can detect the energetic blockages that you are ready to release as you progress in your evolutionary process. SK adds powerful healing techniques to clear these imbalances quickly and easily by accessing the power of the soul's energy.

In addition to providing deep and lasting healings, this approach also connects you with your soul's wisdom, which can also bring higher understanding of any issue you choose to address.

One of the benefits of these techniques is that they are quick and non-invasive. You do not generally have to know the source of a problem or relive a traumatic experience for SK (Spiritual Kinesiology) to be effective.

Kinesiology refers to the use of muscle testing to access information from the unconscious mind and the body’s innate intelligence. Many people consider it to be the most advanced diagnostic healing tool available today. It works by testing how the strength of a muscle is affected by focusing on a stimulus or a part of the body and has a multitude of applications. You can use it to test how the body is affected by different substances, environmental factors, and verbal statements."
So how does this work? can anyone explain any further?
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