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Well thank you mihael how sweet of you calling me a lunatic. Thing is thats not your job to comfirm so if you cannot come up with something thats actually smart to say then say nothing at all.
So I can see you two know nothing and Im here to say that natural disasters are human causings. Maybe guys you should shearch about many natural phenomenoms caused by humans and why? Because humans are too shelfish to think about nature. So yes what was it that you said huh? Nature cant be controled right? Of course it can. We are doing it everyday. Now Its your job to think Im a lunetic for always having a call in controling one of the elements but heres what they say "2 is a coinsidence, 3 its a pattern". I am not here to convince anyone Im not crazy because I know for my self im not, Im here to get an actual, serious opinion from someone who is actually experienced with these kind of staf and not to waste my time inlightening people.
Thank you.
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