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Originally Posted by bobjob
As an untrained, uninvolved but analytical observer, one who has 'listened' to many contributors to many different discussion topics on various forum-websites over quite a few years, I've concluded that mental/emotional ill-health is evident in a fair number of accounts involving apparent psychic/spiritual matters.
Spirituality doesn't beget Spirituality, the brain/mind begets Spirituality, and schizophrenia and Spirituality light up the same areas of the brain. This is what many Spiritual people don't seem to want to understand. If people are reading books or posts and processing data - Spiritual knowledge is data as far as the brain is concerned - then it's susceptible to the frailties of the human mind/brain. People choose to believe that they are having a Spiritual or psychic experience. or what they are witnessing is psychic or Spiritual.

Originally Posted by bobjob
We may gain insight from discussions but one major difficulty remains when we try to address online an individual's problems/difficulties/concerns. Difficulty too where they are interested in having additional experiences when really they need counseling and support.
The largest and most dangerous issue by far is not that someone may or may not have a mental health issue, it's that too many people with nothing more than an opinion based on ignorance try and put themselves across as being mental health or Spirituality experts. I've seen enough of threads very similar to this one and they almost always follow the same patterns. The question I have is, of all the people who have offered what they think is advice, guidance or even common sense, how many of them have any experience in the field of mental health?
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