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Originally Posted by Greenslade
I wasn't saying you were right or wrong and that's not really what it's about. I was talking about mental health and you were talking about psychic phenomena, very different. And if you're talking about proof psychic demons have yet be proved too.

So what knowledge do you have of mental health?

In response to the question in your final sentence I gave an indication of my position in posting #30 after earlier making the following points (quoting myself) "They're all interesting, but as yet unproven, points - unless someone can point out relevant data I'm not aware of. To the best of my knowledge the nature and significance of dreams remains a subject of conjecture rather than fact.

Mental health may be better understood and a link between seeing demons and mental ill-health may be logical but again - as far as I'm aware - is still unproven."

I accept you weren't saying I was either right or wrong but I was asking for your view based on your experience of mental health provision, something I have no detailed knowledge about.

On a later point it's not possible to prove so-called psychic demons any more than we can actually prove life after death. However with the latter there is - I suggest - abundant evidence but I do not know if that's the case with demons or indeed what demons are supposed to be.
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