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Sparrow I appreciated your views on Hell. I believe alot of people live in constant fear of the unknown and what will happen to their spirit when death comes. That being said as I have grown spiritually and evolved as a human being the more and more I believe Hell to be an actual plane of existence. I question, and this is me questioning the universe, if demons exist(and I have had the displeasure of having encounters) then how can there not be a hell and a Devil so to speak. I agree that Hell is of our own making but I also believe that there are angry demonic spirits that torment the living. Are these souls who left the Earth plane angry and full of rage and hate?? In many ways I do believe this could be a possibility but again I have witnessed NON human entities that were demonic. When I have encountered tortured souls I try to send them into the Divine Light of the The Source but there are nasty critters telling them not to trust the light...are these demonic entities?? Are tortured souls of men taking on the role of demons?? Again I cannot answer that. All I do know is that for me, and this is only for me, Hell is a real place full of sorrow, anger, hatred and torment..whether that is self imposed then so be it but it is Hell none the less.

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