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I am mentally/physically impaired.
Will I still be in the afterlife?

No. The physical ailments of the biological body are not carried forth into the spirit world, unless you so choose to manifest that. Such ailments and disabilities only effect the physical body and its functions, they do not effect the function of the soul or spirit.
This is to say, if you were unfortunate to have lost a limb at some point in your physical life, you will regain that limb in the spirit world. Not only that, but you can revert back to whatever age and appearance you most desire.
This is to say also, those who are ascribed sever disfigurements, illnesses, pains, diseases and so on will be victim to such things no further. Even those who cross over to the spirit world by particularly violent means, such as fire or explosion, will retain no lasting scar, injury or disfigurement to the soul.

Those that cannot walk, will walk once again. Those who cannot see, will see once again. Those who cannot talk, will talk once again. Those who cannot sense or touch will touch everything through multiple senses. This may time a little time to adjust to.

Those who ascribe to a particular mental disability or imbalance will similarly ascend beyond this in their afterlife. Again, such circumstances are a produce of the biological brain, not of the soul mind. It is a flaw in imperfect biology, not imperfect soul energy. Though in these instances greater care must be given to them upon first passing over to the spirit world. They will require initial adjustment and reintegration back to their divine state of remembrance.

For those in particular desperate situations:
It should be emphasized, as wonderful as the afterlife sounds to be, any act of desperation through physical suicide, as means to escape your life challenges, will ultimately lead to deep soul trauma and a deep rooted sense of regret. One kind of suffering will be replaced with a different kind. For this reason it is strongly recommended you seek a spiritual or life counsellor for advice.


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