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Post Common Questions About The Afterlife

Common questions about the afterlife

Once again I bring to light the subject of the afterlife, as it has been called. So too it is again I attempt to alleviate fears, strengthen faith and aspire courage in what I hope will be a useful thread. I will attempt to address common questions individuals have asked me, with insight and perspective from my inner and inter-dimensional council.

I do not have all the answers, as nobody really does. But I bring to you reflections of my spirit and my soul through the wisdom and knowledge I have to share as a spirit guide. My experience of what truth is originates from the vantage point of my current experience and awareness. Your own truth lies in the realms of your own experience, through your own eyes, within your own soul understanding. I will not answer questions from the resource of books or videos since this simply would be somebody else’s beliefs. Knowing something to be true does not require the beliefs of others, for there is no doubt present. What is left is an innate desire to share it so that a deeper connection is forged with the universe.

I write from my perspective of spiritual truths and mechanics that appear to me from my own state of understanding. Not from my human mind or from human belief, but from a state of awareness and observation imprinted in me by my time within the spirit realms. Spiritual truths - those that exist whether you believe in them or not, have a very specific resonance which can be identified within you. You can acknowledge this through how something makes you feel, how your energy responds. I am not speaking of emotions or thoughts, but of feelings of intuition and soul wisdom.

I may not explain things perfectly, and can understand the human languages can sometimes be very restricting and prone to misinterpretation. Or at least, when speaking of the spirit world, words can only paint a certain fraction of the fullness of its true nature. For it is so that to truly understand, you have to see it, experience it, and know it, for yourself. I can only show you the door.

I write this thread here, that I may speak and paint some words for those who to come to them, that they may reflect on their meaning in their own way. And with them, through what I share, others may aspire to look within to discover their own truth. For the answers I provide are truly available for everyone, when you heart is in the right place.

This thread has an open door, for all opinions, all views and experiences of readers.
Please maintain respect, politeness and good intention in your words.

With that introduction out of the way…
Enjoy the thread.

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