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Reincarnating into The Otherworld

Hi so there are many reasons why I would like to reincarnate there, mainly because the fight for flora and fauna is much harder as a human and it kills me inside knowing how much will be lost until I start the fight again. The other reasons aren't as important but some are enough to keep me from wanting to come back for hundreds of years or at least until we are fully awakened.

Much of what I've read has been forgotten but I am pretty familiar with the subject of Faerie. What I'm not familiar with though is entering their realm through reincarnation, if that's even possible to decide as a human. This is the biggest dream I have, I could care less about becoming like say a Pleiadian despite how advanced and evolved they are, though in my personal opinion the Fae seem very similar seeing as how they both have ethereal bodies. It just feels selfish to me to leave this horrible mess behind for a
"better place". Like Quan Yin, I'd reject heaven so I can stay and heal all the suffering here.

So anyways, I'd basically like to know if that's something I can do. I used to work with them but there is something in my head blocking me from doing so again, much less I don't have the energy currently. I'm hoping I can connect with them in my astral form and take it from there. I'm sure I'll remember their etiquette then.
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