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Originally Posted by Kaimi
I find it more offensive to use internet short hand than any swear word that I could possibly read. WriTin t1ngs lik dis hrts meh brayn 2 try 2 re3d nd in me opinonion is wrse dan usn da wurd Cr Ap. I also find it hypocritical to remove certain words from my vocabulary that have perfectly legitimate uses other than cussing. like "As*" for example but leaving the word Hell. Example: What the hell... is a profane use of the word, but referring to the place would not be. Same as calling someone and *** clown is profane use of the word but referring to applicable animals using the same word is all right as long as it is a proper context.And that is not to mention the fact that the words are censored.. Replace the *** with any other word you want because after this is posted anything that trips the filter the word is no longer present. It is my opinion that it is a very restrictive form of bullspit. lets all be honest here for a moment, Who is really in control of ones actions? the individual. What benefit do we gain by sheltering our children from the world? other than making emotionally unstable brats that eventually will break down and kill themselves or their peers at the first of life's dissapointments. They hear it on TV and in music and on the radio. They read it in books and hell, if they are reading this and they are between the ages of 14-17 then chances are they are watching porn at some point, even if you have the filter set up to block it you can't stop it. It is easy to find and use a backdoor.
What amuses me to no extent is the fact that words, specifically profanity, is considered offensive. I have never understood why, everyone uses them so why the taboo? it is akin to shaming someone for having sex, but in reality you are on this planet because two people got it on. Personally I think that the filter should be adjusted, I see no reason to use extensive profanity, but so to do i see no reason to filter out certain words just because "why not"
/endrant With my opinion stated, I yield and require no further discussion on this topic. I am here by choice, it is a privlage to be a part of SF not a right. I will abide by the law that is set down to the best of my ability despite my personal thoughts and opinions on the matter.
Yeah very well put, what more can I say ( or am allowed to say ) he he ..............