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Live In The Now

Live In The Now

Some people are slaves to technology
Throwing away their cash without apology
On the latest iPod or iPad
Or whatever is the latest fad.
They live their lives without direction

There has to be more to life
Than coping with daily struggle and strife
Is this all we have to look forward to?
Making our way through this human zoo?
Striving to find a sense of satisfaction.

Some people are angry, others just sad
Wondering why life has to feel so bad
Some people drift, feeling lonely
Thinking I'd be happier if only,
I could make some kind of human connection.

Some people live lives materialistic
Making the excuse they're just being realistic.
"What you see is What you get."
Sounds so plausible...and yet
What if that's just misdirection?

One day you're here, the next day you die
Without ever really knowing why
You were ever born in the first place.
What was your part in the human race?
All part of "natural selection."

Or is there some way of gleaning
That life has a higher meaning.
Is there some grand master plan
That proves life isn't just a scam
That life can have meaning.

Is there a way we will ever know
Before it's our time to go.
Or do we have to wait til we die
To finally find the reason why
We were ever born in the first place.

Our experiences in life shape us, make us who we are meant to be.
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