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Just In Case You Forgot

You are all there IS, you are pure Being, pure Love, pure Consciousness. Yes you are also the mind body organism, but don't get caught in the trap that you are the mind body separate from all else, you as pure Consciousness made you, the mind body. You were made so as to enjoy your creations, you made everything that you can see, the stars, the planets, the sun, you made it all. Never let anyone tell you that you are not all there IS, for this is a lie, this is the lie that has kept so many from truly knowing their place within the Cosmos. This lie was started by no other than the mind, or the ego, the ego is nothing but an illusion.

This illusion made by the ego has grown into all sorts of traps, the biggest being religion. Religion will have you believing in all sorts of ideas constructed by its master the ego, it will lead you on a path that leads nowhere, for where could you go ?, you are already there, you are already that which you are chasing.

All we need to do is to realize this, to remember who we are, for we have forgotten, so I made this thread to remind you who you truly are, I do hope you remember, if you haven't remembered already. To you who have remembered, welcome back, welcome to who we truly are, welcome to who you truly are my kindred friends in Consciousness.
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