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so I am starting to read this book over again. well I read almost all of it, but didn't finish it and it's been a year or so, so thought I ought to start over..
anyways, it's called Instant Emotional Healing.

but I was just wondering what your personal advice would be, on the approach you'd take if you were me.. there are many things from my youth and past and present that upset me, I think that the first thing that happened to me wounded me pretty deeply, so I've let every thing after hurt and stick with me more than it should have.. so there's a lot of things that I want to address in that regard.. and many qualities I possess that have taken a tone too negative and excessive.. well not just that (I'm speaking of things like being overly critical) but also things like ocd and arachnophobia and other things relating to anxiety and socialness and so on... Ok lol, so I was going to go about it as first writing down a timeline of events that I feel have adversely effected me.. and tapping for those things.. then I guess after that tapping more about my personal issues like the specific ocd n stuff? I think that tapping about the past will make some of these things dissipate at least a bit right? well that was my half-hatched plan.. as you can see that's why I am asking for your opinion too. thanks and hope this was easy enough to understand lol I know my thoughts are a bit cattywompus.. thank you Xan!
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