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Originally Posted by MissCreativeSpirit
I think you could be channeling a previous communication that is available like a recorded tape in time/space and was got someone else at the time. It is like you are remote viewing the past. I do exactly that. Apparitions/ghosts can be like this too. There are no current conscious entities but you can see the tape/ set of events that occurred whole they were there in a time past. I can go this with psychometry

How does it feel when you receive a message? Sometimes I see a flash of light, sometimes my body moves on its own like I am electrocuted and sometimes it feels like I leave my body for a moment, I hear the message and then I return back into this reality.

For example last night I heard a voice saying: "You are inside.."; I could not understand what does it mean, then few moments later I received the explanation, "You are inside the matrix, you are living inside the illusion."; you see, sometimes I also receive more information about a particular message, it's like it is downloaded into my mind.I heard many other voices talking but I was quite sad and when I am sad I am not really able to channel these message in a way that they stay in my mind.

I also received messages while having an OBE, I was looking for the Creator then a voice said: "He is not here ( in that realm ) ".

These voices that I hear are like the voices of people that I hear in daily life, most of the time, they are very clear.They feel like being energy, you know, like the energy is talking with me.I would say that more than 80% of all the messages that I receive came from a place of high energy, I could feel the intensity.

Sometimes I am the one who opens a conversation with what it's out "there" but most of the time these messages just come to me form nowhere.
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