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Originally Posted by Tobi
Don't even think of psychically attacking someone else, no matter what you may feel from them. That will do you no good -ever.
Your energies are so unique, so amazing and so don't throw them down into his place. It will make such a mess.

Why did you feed the stray dogs?
No -don't think it, in explanations and words....feel it. Find that and let it grow in your heart. Let it fill your heart. That's your energetic secret.

But even with that remember you are not better than this man. He is not worse than you.

And with what you find in your heart, remember that you are not doing this to "protect yourself". What that would mean is that you are in fear. Of something you need protection from !

Just radiate it. Live inside it. In everything you do. Go out, don't creep about. Don't let your mind wander to "what is this old fella doing now...? What is he plotting now....? What is he dreaming up next that will come through my walls and hurt me....? Poor me....
Go out. See your friends, see the stray dogs, go to a movie, go to work, do your shopping, read a book, watch TV, ride a bike....go out in the car....etc etc.
What is down inside your heart is all you need. Just shine it.
I think i get the message.

Yes sometimes i feel that i'm loosing my self.
I was praying to god and my overself to stop these lessons cause i was starting to darken,but i get no response.
Bombardising someone like me with evil and hate will result to a change.
Maybe my lesson is to accept my dark side,and learn how to harm those who i think they deserve to be harmed.

I admit that if i knew a method to attack others without paying consequences,i would do it in a second.And if it's wrong,then i wanna go the wrong way.

I resonate fully with what you wrote,but i think my heart seeks revenge,no matter how hard i try to avoid it.
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