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Originally Posted by smilingsun
I don't know what you mean by reincarnate masters, it's the first time i hear about them.


All the masters in human history have returned in human form to assist humanity at this time of great transition. That is my understanding.

Many masters were not as well known as Jesus or Buddha. Think of all those healers who were killed as witches as masters. Those who really understand energy work today are reincarnated masters or what you would call wanders.

I guess the big difference between an indigo/crystal person and the reincarnated master or wanderer is their level of awareness. May I say that those who ask do not know and those who know share their wisdom mostly by example. Within those two categories are levels of knowing. Know what you may ask. That answer being that every human has the potential to be as powerful as Jesus or Buddha.

I hope these thoughts will be helpful.

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