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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
Similarly, the human mind and sensory array will always display a selective preference towards a predetermined notion or held belief. This is called a confirmation bias.

For example, the first person will see the "rope" as a "snake" due to the fear vasana which alters perception through the karmendrias, so what is "rope" actually appears as "snake" and remains "snake" until such times as the person becomes convinced: "not snake...rope".

Now, in the dark (ignorance) a person may think the rope is a snake...another may come along who that person particularly dislikes and they will say "don't be ridiculous! that is not a snake, it is a rope!" however, because the person who sees the rope as a snake hates them, they will never believe it! yet, if a friend comes along and says the same thing, they will believe it without what point did the truth change?

Some people will only believe what their guru says...what their teacher says...what their doctor says...

Now, I can (and often will) say exactly the same thing as their guru, teacher, doctor etc...but for some reason (I am still trying to fathom it) it is not true just because "I" said it...and yet, if anybody else who they love/respect says it, it tends to "gain truth" all of a sudden...was it "not true" before this? because when I point it out that I said exactly the same thing days ago, they deny that I even said it, which always means that they conveniently forgot I ever said it and NOT that I did not ever say it.

For "repeat offenders", I have covertly and secretly recorded these when they are in full denial of either myself or themselves having said what they did, I play back the recording....then they will say that is not their voice! I must have found somebody else who sounded an incredibly a lot like them...I then resort to "voice recognition software" but they STILL deny it!

For such people, a snake is NEVER a rope, simply because they say so and anybody who believes differently can go to hell.

Which leaves me with one lingering question....why oh why do I seem to attract these types of people into my life? what bad karma did I do?

Reading very briefly and without much time. It's fascinating that you point out about the facts remaining the same but the message not being received, the message is delivered but the message is rejected because of the messenger ?

I can think of something i came across in Buddhism and it refers to clinging to rites and rituals. It is regarded as a fetter which binds the seeker. So perhaps in this context those peeps who will not hear.....That the Snake is definitely a Rope but will only hear it from somebody who is heavily involved in rites and rituals are as you allude to ignorant albeit in a very subtle way. This is not to deny the value and beauty and moksha of all rituals and rites and gurus :)

Hopefully you have been able to help these said persons and they come to you unconsciously for guidance and help. Obviously they don't always like what they hear such is the path of spiritual development i suppose. Thanks for sharing sorry if i was obtuse in any way or dismissive. Thank you once again.
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