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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi

The Rope vs Snake analogy was used to illustrate the Advaita Vedantic term for Mithya or Mithyatva (false perception) as being in a relativist distinction from the general term of Maya or illusion which was used at the time.

It is an analagous representation of how our conditioned biases (e.g fear) also known as vasanas, can distort the perception of reality (Brahman) through sensory cognition...also called karmendriyas.

Thus, we are not experiencing an "illusion", but a distorted form of reality...mithya (which gave rise to the English word, myth).

This tale later became extrapopated in the form of The Six Blind Men and The Elephant...showing how false perception (Mithya) will remain thus, no matter how many mithyavadis (ignorant people) are involved and how human beings are very proud in their arrogance with their ability to "know" things...and as sad as it is, for many, their ego still is unable to admit that the "snake" is really a "rope" even after being shown thus.

Excellent thanks for sharing. I like that word Mithya and the way you explain it's etymology. The allusion of the Six Blind Men and the Elephant I've heard but it's great that you point out about the 'many' side of it ie. no matter how many people get involved in trying to solve 'the problem' it won't make any difference. I saw an example of this recently on a tv show, ignorance literally enveloping the audience, like a fire spreading or something, strange to see. Thanks for mentioning the word vasana or vasanas, it's a fascinating term and concept and reality and i aught to read and study some more about it.

Recently i've come across the concept and concepts of Sravana Manana Nididhyasana. Very good indeed and useful to understand and realise. Would you know off hand when this concept was popularised if that is correct to say and by whom ? Thanks for sharing :)
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