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Originally Posted by Tobi
There are many deer where I live. They are Roe Deer in my area.
I have a fondness for them. Once when I was out with my dog, a couple of them stayed close, not afraid and watched the frisbee as it flew through the air.
One of them even started heading towards the frisbee, as if it was curious or....(even wanted to join the game??)
My dog knew if the deer didn't run, she wouldn't chase them.

I love deer for their intelligence and gracefulness, and would have no wish to hunt them down or kill them.
But I have never been in the position of maybe having to, for survival.
Blessings to the deer. To me they are of grace and wildness.
that's a funny story! Where I live the white tailed deer are plentiful. Winter's here are harsh and if over populated many often die of starvation during the winter months. There's a sickness many deer can get too if over populated. It's called cwd. Its a parsite that eats there brains. Hunting is just a way to manage the population and keep them healthy. Responsible hunters never waste and are very thankful of the meat it provides for there families.
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