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I’m going to shoot straight with you, Blake

The people you are talking about are off the internet. I like the internet myself, but other than this website, it’s very non personal...especially when you are on gaming sites, and conversing with screen names and anonymous people. It’s safe for people to attack, disrespect, or bully anyone without any consequences. I would find it more discerning if this was your family, friends, coworkers or community. If you are anything like me son, then you probably spend a substantial amount of time on the internet, and forming relationships with other gamers. My son has people he has been gaming with since he was 13 years old...but he has a somewhat detached perspective, and knows these are online virtual friends. There is one, who he seems particularly close to....and that one he’s been friends online with the longest. You have to roll with the punches and be able to handle the **** that goes on in those websites. He’s attacked, targeted, called names, ect... and he knows how to deal with it. He knows it’s not personal, he knows how the internet is, and he is expects people to take shots at others....especially the guys. He knows to laugh it off, to make his own witty comebacks, and who to get rid of. It’s a virtual can’t take it personally. It has nothing to do with you, other than you are participating. If it becomes too much....turn it off and walk away.

There’s other healthy options for uplifting yourself..think about the other things you like to do besides the internet.
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