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Originally Posted by Tobi
I think I met one once, though only for a brief few moments.

I lived in the mountains in a very off-grid way. I was totally tuned into my environment and it was far away from people.
One night about midnight I woke up going out-of-body. I felt my astral body rise up out of bed quite slowly and sort of hover there about 3ft off the bed. Going out of body had not long before that started happening to me so I was pretty fascinated with that phenomenon in itself.
(By the way I will add that I never took any substances. Half a pint of beer was usually my limit! haha)

Then I sensed someone with me and glanced to the right and saw a most lovely Creature gazing at me. When I say "lovely", well it was to me. Though it was unusual-looking. I really felt it was from the Faerie realm. It stared at me with a benign interest, and seemed curious about me. It said nothing and I tried not to lose its gaze because I sensed that when I did it would just vanish. We held a mutually curious eye contact for some minutes (in Earth time.)

I will try to describe this Being.

It had a well-defined bone structure in its face. Its skin was a light brown, like old vanished pine (the colour that turns to after a few years) I can't recall the colouir of its eyes now but think they might have been brown.
But the most striking thing was this Being was wearing a hat which came partly down over its forehead. The hat was covered with many many eyes, and the eyes were all 'alive'...some blinked sometimes. Some when they closed briefly, had eyelids lit up with shimmering colours. The 'hat' was alive with all these eyes.
The Creature was wearing a pale blue garment with a strange band across the chest which reminded me of the old 'smocking'embroidery.
I didn't see all of its body or its hands or feet.
It had an androgynous character and look about it. I also sensed that it was conveying that it was very very ancient, though it looked to me ageless in human terms.

I fell back to body and jumped up straight away to try to paint this or to write it in description. I could do neither at that time. It was as if the Being itself was gently stopping me from doing that, and after a while I sensed that the reason was because it had many forms, and had no wish to be pinned down into one.

No -no wings. And no spoken language either. But I felt naturally welcome in its company. It was interested but not afraid; as if this encounter was an unusual one for its species too.

What a marvelous experience Tobi!
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