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Originally Posted by sea-dove
I've once come across one who had like withered chakras like saltanas due to a demon possession (she was completely unresponsive except the demon). I wouldnt say her chakras with this were healthy, not only where they withered but they couldnt even respond right to the energy I projected at them. Like were jammed or something. They were a mess.

I've also come across chakras which dont spin right.. have a wobble to them. (maybe they had one sided blocks I dont know, I just could fell them wobbling).

I can't comment about what you saw. It makes sense from that point of view. I'm just saying that it's the ego that controls the chakras and not the other way around. It's the ego that is the cause (even in allowing something demonic to enter) and it's the ego that can change things - together with grace and probably therapy and other treatments. In an instant one can choose to project love, one can choose to send prana to whatever chakra they want. These things help to open up the chakra. Awakened Kundalini is the power of the Universe helping to open them up from the inside. My "I" only needs to cooperate with that. For me it's so empowering to know that the deeper I go into my spiritual being, the more power I have over my mental and physical states.

My teacher has also made the analogy of a magnet. That the chakras need to be aligned with a Higher Power, or a Higher Self - the more Light one expresses, the more it helps in that alignment. The experience of being in alignment with the Divine is pure joy. The power of mind becomes very small, can't effect the ego anymore...and the chakras spin normally again.
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