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Originally Posted by Argento
Not sure why you're still trying to debate me Vince.

I'm not. As I said, I'm simply trying to provide the best information and most beneficial perspectives to the community to the best of my ability. But I am encouraging you to back up your statements so that we all may have a better idea of where you are coming from, as not a lot of it seems very logical, and I want you to correct me if you believe I am wrong about anything so that I may gain a better perspective of your view.

My words are quite nice if you ever finally understand one of my posts.

I understand your posts just fine. They don't exactly express the deepest conceptualizations I have come across, but I do see how they could be misunderstood.

If you can explain exactly how I am misunderstanding you, that would be helpful. What have I said that expresses a misunderstanding?

Maybe then you will stop being rude.

You may be confusing my directness for rudeness. Nothing I have said comes from a motivation to hurt you in any way, but rather simply to clarify our discussion and the views being expressed. I actually specifically expressed my wish for you to find happiness, and that was sincere.

Spiritual conditioning has destroyed this community and the people's individuality. They all look the same, speak the same words, get butthurt when you don't agree.

Your ideas aren't all that original either. They are nothing new to me anyway. There are some ideas within the realm of the Spiritual belief system that may potentially be harmful, but I believe you have chosen the wrong one here, as I have made clear throughout my replies on this thread.

How egotistical to believe you are more evolved than others in any way

Let's flip this accusation around real quick. You boast about you ten years of meditation experience and that you have come to some grand realization that meditation practice is futile. You are essentially saying that you have a level of understanding that others lack, that your views are valid and everyone else practicing meditation is just wasting their time. The fact that you conveniently fail to address crucial points raised that essentially invalidate your claims only shows an unwillingness to question your own ego.

If you can point out anything I have said that would indicate that I believe I am more evolved than others, please share. I have simply expressed my perspective regarding the relationship between meditation and the mind, and how the perspectives you have shared may be misleading. It is true that some understandings can be viewed as more "evolved" than others, in that they are closer to the truth and come from clearer perceptions and higher degrees of wisdom when compared to others, but this is not necessarily a judgement coming from a feeling of superiority, it is simply the way things are. However, I have never made this claim of having a more "evolved" understanding. I have simply shared what my understandings are in comparison to yours. It is up to the individual to determine what they believe is true, to test out these ideas and gain the experience and wisdom to make the best choice for themselves.

Take care
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