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From a spiritual standpoint, here are some things to try.

Print out your original post and highlight everything negative you are telling yourself. That is the story of your life that you are creating.

Then type it up again, except this time do it from the other side of the aisle - now that I have lost the weight, I feel energetic, etc. Write yourself a new story. What do you want your story to be? If you were telling us, from your future you, about your slim you and how you feel being slim, and what you tell yourself now that you are slim, write that story.

Then read this new story to yourself twice a day, in the morning and at night. When you read it, try and BELIEVE it, for that moment in time. Picture yourself on a stage, reading it to a crowd of your family and friends, or something. Picture yourself in the future reading this story to someone. Get in that headspace as much as you can. Do this for 60 days.

Then, with the rest of your life, practice relaxing and letting go. Pet your dog or cat, play on the floor with your children, if you have them. If you don't go play with someone elses :) Do fun things. Ask yourself, what fun thing can I do today. How can I fit in fun? (Whenever you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, STOP. Immediately change the channel in your head. If you have to, go play some you tube videos of funny people that make you laugh. Do that for at least 3 minutes, be in that vibration, and not only will you feel better. )

Get to the point that each day, in between your telling your new story, you are in your Happy Place, and each day it will get easier to find fun and happiness.

Don't get sidetracked and keep going. Oh, and don't stress over food. I would say, eat whatever feels good to you. If a salad feels better than a donut, then eat the salad. If a donut feels better, go have one. Just don't stress about it, one way or the other. Let it be okay, whatever you choose to eat. Start loving what you eat again. Connect to the flavors of the food. Enjoy the food as if it was gourmet food, and appreciate what you are eating, every bite. You can thank the food for the energy it is giving to you, as food is living energy and just transforming from its form to your form.

Let us know how much weight you lost after 60 days of this and how you are feeling about yourself. It is easy to do and you can do this and everything else someone else suggests as well, because it is not intrusive, it is deliberate. Deliberately feel good.

things will happen along the way that will occur to you to do. do those. an example would be, if you get a thought along the lines of, it is a nice day to go visit someone you haven't seen in awhile, then do that if you can. Chances are, if you asked for fun in your day, and this thought pops up, when you get there it might be really fun. Listen to you gut, and give that voice in your head other things to think about instead....

(this is a process from Abraham Hicks. everytime I remember to do this process (and you can do it with anything, could be finances, relationships, etc.) something wonderful happens :) ) This is a reminder to do it again! thanks