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Originally Posted by Baile
Hi Silvergirl. I remember a conversation in one thread where a few posters were against to the idea of a weigh-in chart. For me it was a positive thing. Especially during those cycles when the weight really falls off. And it does drop off in stages: 1-2 pounds a week for 3-4 weeks, then bam: 4-5 pounds the next day... "Oh my god YESSSS!!!!!" Pretty exhilarating stuff (as far as boring old fat goes).

First off, I don't have the everyday concerns a lot of people have. I don't work (retired due to illness), and my day consists of walking on the beach and kayaking. No stressful family/relationship/acquaintances/social situations to aggravate me... and stress IS a health killer, and it can derail one's dietary intentions.

I also have to add: I am a fanatic as far as my diet goes. And in no way am I suggesting that my fanatical approach is right for anyone other than me. I am fanatical because that's what works for me. When I am not fanatical about my diet, that's when I notice the pounds creeping back on, at which point I go back to fanatical.

The secret is water I would say. Water keeps one from being hungry. So it's practical. But it also cleanses and works like magic in many ways, so it's also spiritual. My rule is I drink 4 glasses of water upon awakening. Then, whatever I have to eat, I first drink 2 glasses of water. My diet is split in 8 meals over the course of the day. That's 4 + 16 glasses of water, plus any other glasses of water I drink between meals, if and when I feel hungry.

My meals are split into fruit meals and veg/grain meals. I have a fruit meal at 6 am, a veg/grain meal at 8 am, a fruit meal at 10, a veg/grain meal at 12, etc. Now I might not eat exactly at those times, and I sometimes eat both meals at one sitting. But I never exceed 4 of each meal, each day. Also, each meal = one cup, no more and no less. And this is all I put into my body: no coffee, black tea, alcohol, tobacco, rec drugs, or anything else other than the occasional cup of herbal tea with just a titch of dark organic maple syrup (so yummy, that's like my version of binging on chocolate ice cream).

This is all very important for me because it's consistency, and it's rhythm. And it's the consistency that keeps me in the rhythm of eating this way each day. It's become my reality. It's no longer some diet I'm on; this is how I eat. Is it a good diet? Is it bad? Well it works for me and I'm alive and healthy, that's all I care about, ha! (I laugh, but there's a magical secret in there about dieting and life concerns in general.)

I must add the following because it is part of my dietary reality as well (not to be confused with anyone else's reality): everything I eat is in liquid form. I eat fruit smoothies and veg/grain soups (one cup of each, each meal). The smoothies I make by blending 100% juice and a variety of frozen fruit. The soups I make by blending (puree) veg soup broth with raw veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, kale mostly) and spice and coconut oil to taste. I also blend in brown rice or other grains from time to time, but mostly stick to just veggies. I've recently started to make my own soup broth and it's not only kind of fun from a creative perspective, it saves me a ton of money.

I eat liquid because it keeps the pounds off better, plus it is absolutely amazing from a digestive perspective. I have zero digestion issues now. Compare that to several years ago when I was 95 pounds heavier and chewing my way through a bottle of antacid tablets each week. I have definitely been released from a jail of sorts in this lifetime.

I definitely hear you on the liquid part.....when I lost the most weight the quickest was when I was on a liquid protein diet with rabbit food and tuna or occasional double-cheeseburger from McD's, and I kept it all off for a full seven years by eating practically nothing but steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots for the most part) topped with real butter and lemon pepper and maybe a few saltine crackers.

This time around, I'm going to be a little more easy on myself, because I've learned by trial and error what foods help and what foods don't and I am paying a lot closer attention to that, and applying firmer discipline overall.