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thank you alllllll so very much. i'm near tears with relief in hearing that i'm not alone, and that you guys all listened and shared and were willing to open up as well. i'm making myself walk as much as possible, even if it's walking once a day for a mile, just something, and keeping up with riding. i'm kinda ignoring my back injury at the moment because i also feel like if i can lose some weight and keep active it will heal faster than the typical rest and do nothing solution. especially since i'm keeping it limited and focused to walking and horseback riding.

thank you all so much. i believe i can get there, but man after 3 years it's frustrating to not be there or even close in comparison. sure i'm lighter than i was in april when i had put on a lot of weight, but compared to 3 years ago i'm still pretty much the same. *sigh*

one day at a time. and please all keep sharing thank you all so much - there are tons of great ideas for me to try in here!