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Originally Posted by Ewwerrin
I find this difficult to understand. Could you explain further?
What do you term energy?
Energy is the basis of the material world and so it comes into the realms of science. Energy is your braincells whizzing away inside your skull and you become conscious of that. Energy is what you are physically, consciousness is what you are beyond the physical.

Originally Posted by Ewwerrin
However, I find that it all happens within consciousness. As existence has all the ways of coming to know itself. I would then say that consciousness is that existence.
Try thinking of it in terms of what you become conscious of, that takes the mind one step 'away' from itself. Ib time you become conscious that you are conscious.

Originally Posted by Ewwerrin
But there is still some notion of duality in the idea of consciousness. Consciousness perceiving itself. Experiencing its own awareness. It's as non-dual as I can conceive.
Duality and non-duality are constructs of the mind. You also have to consider how the mind perceives duality, separation is implicit there and non exists. Think instead of aspects of the whole, that's a step in the right direction. Think of it as a feedback loop.

Originally Posted by Ewwerrin
Because my logical mind says, there is the dreamer and the dream.
The dreamer is the dream and the experienced is the experiencer and the observed is the observer.

Originally Posted by Ewwerrin
I cannot seem to become aware of my own awareness.
Yes you can, but the awareness you're looking for is beyond the mind. Once you get that out of the way it makes more sense.
"When we lose our minds we come to our senses."
Alan Watts.

But it requires some deliberately ability to focus consistent upon my own awareness to expand the realisation of my own awareness of my own awareness. [/quote] let it go and allow it its own existence and expression.
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