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Originally Posted by BigJohn
I went to an introductory to hypnosis once.
The instructor asked for a volunteer. Nobody raised their hand but me. He kept asking the question while at the same time pretending he could not see my raised hand. Later he would tell me, of those in the room, I was the least susceptible to hypnosis. Great.

He had me come over and stand in an aisle. He had some students stand behind me. Instantly I could feel my body being invisibly bound and I leaned backwards and was 'caught' by the people behind me. Next my feet were picked up and my feet were put on one table any my head and shoulders were put on another table. I was belly up with nothing supporting my back. My back should have bent but it didn't. I remained rigid. I was amazed because I had 2 fractures in my back and I felt nothing in pain. Shortly afterwards, the show was over, and I was hooked on hypnosis.

Nice story, BigJohn.
I too got hooked on hypnosis. It has benefited many areas of my life.
Though I practice mostly self hypnosis, I do much prefer a skilled practitioner.
I see it as a meditation practice, which many traditionalist would probably disagree.
I think hypnosis has a bad rap, since people see it as loosing control.
Though I would say one is much more aware and open, rather than controlled.
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