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Originally Posted by lili
hi CJ. reaching out like this is great. I know the pain of which you speak. Or from my own perspective, I do. I take Armour Thyroid ( Bioidentical prescription).

Also I found a product at the health food store. It is called Relora. It is for those whose T3 and T4 are off. It helps with cortisol. I went off the relora once when I was having GI problems. I cut out a lot of what i was taking. I was eating practically nothing because of the GI problems. I was gaining. The naturopath muscle tested and told me to go back on the relora. The weight fell off. The combination of Armour Thyroid and Relora were perfect for me.

I chose to go to a naturopath ( someone who muscle tests) and a MD because I do not think the Thyroid panels ( bloodwork) tell the whole story re dx or what is recommended to resolve the problem. So I wanted a practioner who is good at muscle testing. Sending some major hugs for your wonderful self

Thank you for this!!! I agree about the traditional bloodwork not telling the whole story. I will look into the relora!