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Originally Posted by lomax
Just an observation based on my own experience.It could be something else as well.Better ask a reiki master about it.

thank you dear one, will ask about it though I did notice when I am near fire elemental energy or channeling energy or element of fire I radiate heat and heat the entire room even with a candle near, and when it's cold outside I literally radiate cold and freeze the room,
I guess I radiate the element I absorb near,
I also noticed the same with emotions when I am in high vibration everyone around me and me getting boosted in vitality and physical strength and mental power but when I am in a negative vibe or not balanced I drain away from the energy of everything and everyone near, to the point I can make them sick without vitality or physical strength same with mental power,

then after a while, I get better then they start feeling better too, same with emotions when I am raging I instill horror and fear in others, and when I am happy others' emotions are getting happy too, that why I always try to keep myself balanced so i won't hurt those I love.
all lives are sacred and holy and must be preserved,
for those who preserve life, their own life will be preserved as well, and no life is better than the other all life is equally important, and all lives are one, entwined and connected we all are, by the power of love.
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