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Originally Posted by Elfin
Happy New Year Everyone.... It's "That" time again... For me, New year's Eve is always a time for reflection. This year , as we all know, had been , to say the least, challenging. None of us could have seen this coming.... And yet, in some bizarre strange way, it has brought us all closer, in unity , in empathy . The whole globe. This year, every single person on the planet has been affected by this virus.... Everyone. And I think that is the very first time such an event has ever occured . Even in the great wars, not every country , or every person , was affected. So Tonight ... On this New Years Eve 2020 , I will raise a glass to all of the people across the globe , that have been lost to this virus...and to their families that go into a new year without them..and also to all the other victims of covid... Because there are many of those too , lost to other illness , as a "domino" affect of the virus...and not forgetting the ones that could not cope with it all , and sadly ended their lives because of it.... I will reflect on the people that are having to live with the difficult mental health issues because of it .. and the billions of people in every corner of the world, living with the "lonliness" of it all. And I will count my blessings, that for now , myself and my loved ones are all still here.... Spared. And I will think of all of you too on the forum, as I sit and reflect , and know that actually , we may not realise just HOW much we have all supported each other this year.... Just by being there . Wishing you all a better new year... And whatever happens , we will get through it together .... Best wishes and Love ...Elfin X

Nicely said................

As people draw closer.......... it helps us to 'generate' hope.

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