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I have had success at lucid dreaming in the past, and lately having noticed that I haven't in awhile, tried to pick it back up. I also recall that I used to have dreams of flying, or floating. They were great fun. I've heard that flying or floating often signifies a sense of success in ones life.

Also, I have heard that flying can be an Astral Projection thing. Having an interest in this, too, has lead me to try to lucid dream again, and to fly.

A few nights ago, I finally caught on to the fact that I was, in fact, dreaming. I was coming into a room, in which I knew there would be people singing around the corner. I decided that in my dream, I would alter it. I didn't want the people singing, so my mind pushed that idea away, and it gave me an empty room. I was then happy to have the empty room in which to float or fly. I felt like it was practice. So, there I was, and as some of my floating had gone in the past, I just kinda...took a lying down position. It worked. I was then suspended in the air...and that realization of dreaming kept becoming more and more of a realization until, sure enough, it turned to wakefulness.

Another attempt, last night. I knew I was dreaming, and I had told myself over and over before sleep, "Fly tonight". This time, I was in a factory work setting, and took the time to fly. It was akward and more effort filled. I kept jumping and almost doing a swimming breast-stroke, but it worked. I got better and better, realizing that I could reach the ceiling of this building in three grand breast-strokes, while other attempts took more effort. I did wake up feeling a dream-ending thought, "success".

Kinda funny.

Any comments on flying, or the significance of dream flying would be deeply appreciated. I know I am on the verge of full-on big-time flight again. Fun.
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