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Simon Karlos
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Dream Vision and the "Tunnel Technique"

Originally Posted by Ladofthelight
I had a lucid dream. It happened naturally once I was tired enough to fall into the light sleep state. I decided to give it a shot because I have not been sleeping well, so i thought I would take advantage of the insomnia.

It was pretty wild really. It is everytime! I have experienced a couple different types of "Dream vision" in the lucid state. Last night I had what I like to call "Porthole vision".

Do others know what I am talking about?

Hello, Ladofthelight.

I may be familiar, as I've had a lucid dream years ago in which I had a sort of "tunnel vision." There was a large "porthole" before me that I was approaching that showed a dream world. I recall that it felt as if I were in a sort of dark tunnel, yet I had no perception of being in a dream-body; it was if I were watching a movie. Well, as my vision approached the hole I saw an older Asian gentleman in a boat, and it was if I were right above him. (I was fully conscious that I was dreaming during this entire experience.) I believe he may have noticed me. It was if I were a camera that was exiting a dark room or tunnel space through a hole, and I had zoomed-in on a scene in the dreamworld. I recall wanting to fully enter this dreamworld and explore it, but after noticing the gentleman in the boat the dream faded and I awoke. Variations of this can also be used a technique in meditation, for a variety of types of conscious projections of consciousness, whether it be used for remote viewing, lucid dreaming, astral projection, etc. All experiences in consciousness are "projections," even this physical one.

Thanks very much for adding to this thread, my friend. :) -Kar
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