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As an attestment to lucid dreaming in general...

Self-hypnotic suggestion, or "subconscious conditioning" most definitely does work...

After spending some time "suggesting" to myself last night that "I control my dreams and remember these dreams and visions".

I had a lucid dream. It happened naturally once I was tired enough to fall into the light sleep state. I decided to give it a shot because I have not been sleeping well, so i thought I would take advantage of the insomnia.

It was pretty wild really. It is everytime! I have experienced a couple different types of "Dream vision" in the lucid state. Last night I had what I like to call "Porthole vision".

Do others know what I am talking about?

What are your thoughts? I like to hear the opinions of others. I really don't make much of it because I have found that to be an impediment in my dreaming/AP desires.

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