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For the person who asked why kundilini is symboled as a snake... i think because old slim is seen as all spine and head.

i 've read this whole thread thru and enjoyed most of the dicussion.

i agree with Uma, the destination of the energy to the crown results in knowing. i have found this knowing difficult to communicate because no questions or statements about it's nature seem to apply. Oddly enough an old christian spiritual keeps running thru my head when i think of it, 'So high you can't get over it, so low you can;t get under it, etc, you must come in thru the door" It cannot be said to be a knowing in the sense it deals with information, it's as if information is superfulouse.

Thru accrued information, experience and intuition, i see the chakra system as a 2 way highway, the mechanism for manifestation and ultimatly for unmanifesting.

Am keeping this short as it's late and i am tired.

Maybe Uma will return and this conversation will gain new energy and intrest.
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