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Originally Posted by whimsy_tales

I once read an article on Psychology Today discussing ESP, and how it might also correlate to mirror neurons in the brain. The article didn’t shed any light on the ‘how to’ in managing it, but it could be worth looking into whether a psychological aspect, such as redefining thought patterns, might help. :)


There is some information on this at my web site which may be helpful.

The link to that site is in my signature. If you go to the about page there are 2 links. The one for a catalyst for miracles references some channeled Kryon information. It descriobes the basic psychologal set up for the human.

The concept to appreciate is how the subconscious is programmed. Appreciating this process will help you to redefine your thought patterns. Things like why affirmations work will make more sense to you.

Quite literally how you think, what you say, are indeed directives for your self creation and manifestations. The big Key to this which is not that obvious in this presentation is why Self Love for all that you are is most Effective.

Many of us do Blame the inner child for doing to us what we have directed her/him to do. Love for that aspect of self and for our misguided thoughts will heal a great deal. Be sure to involve the higher self with those undertakings.

My web site: Spiritual Academy
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