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I killed someone :/

I was hoping someone could help me interpret this dream please.

I was with 3-4 of my old school friends (12-16 years old). For some reason we arranged to meet a older woman perhaps in her 30's?! After we met her we were walking down the street and I went into a pay phone and called a restaurant to find out what food they were selling. From here we ended up in a park which is local to where I grew up. We were sitting in a woody part of the park and somehow I killed the woman. I cant remember how exactly. My friends were involved but I think I was the main culprit. Then we realized we had to do something with the body so I think I cut the head of and buried it and we put the body in a black bin bag and I carried it.

From here we decided to walk to the nearby town centre. We ended up in some house/shop and one of my friends (Jason) scratched my fone screen with a sharp object and I was getting angry with him asking him why he had done this. I felt as though all the blame of the murder was going onto me.

We then left the shop/house and started walking out of town. Then I bumped into a small time Youtube celebrity whos videos I sometimes watch. He just looked at me and ignored me. Finally I was walking down my home town street down towards the house I grew up in. I remember being terrified that I was going to jail for a very long time. It felt real. I was thinking about all the opportunities that I had missed in my life. It was awful.

Sorry for the long story. Just wondered if anyone had any insights. Thanks
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