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If I were a Christian, I would feel incredibly insulted by those who said that the religion I followed was "keeping me in ignorance" or "controlling me" and all those terrible insults people use which borders on verbal abuse due to me making a positive "lifestyle choice" they vehemently disagree with.

I mean, I get enough of it for being a Hindu, but I can imagine that the religious intolerance and persecution would be ten times worse for a Christian...and so, the Christian will go to their priest with this who will tell them that such people who condemn the choices of others have negative energy parasites which are controlling THEM...which secularizes the particular religious tradition even MORE and this is how fanatics are created, which only perpetuates the whole cycle of hatred.

Maybe I am starting to feel empathy towards my fellow "believers" Irrespective of Faith, because in the end, there will only be two factions fighting each other...those who believe in God vs those who do not...while the Buddhists will say "we are not getting involved in that".