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I was born in December of 1984. As I was stuck in religion and followed the instruction I was given... I didn't have many friends at all, fore I would normally be around the adults. They never listened to me much at all, so all I did was listen and learn from them for twenty plus years of my life. Of course I went to school and had interactions with my age group and so on.

So, I say all this because it has left me in a weird area. I have all the lessons and experiences given to me by the Generation X and those before them (the elderly that I would spend alot of time with in those ole' days) Though my school years (due to that December birthday) put me in the classrooms full of Millennial's. ---By choice, I don't even own a phone these days:)

So I have a unique perspective as a star-seed / star-child myself. The choice of others will benefit them or hurt them, personally IMHO, that is their own burden to carry, I have two daughters out in the world and maintain that position. As for myself.... I dress in leather pleated mini-skirts, even in winter time. My body has an Extreme woman's figure, buttocks, curves; from behind I am seen as female. My face is youthful as a male, but not a "man" looking.
I have embraced my body and at this degree in my life I do not believe clothes should be classed by gender. We are human and the Shamans and Many Holy people of the past had an androgynous nature about themselves. As far as a personal gender preference, as long as it is in the human category, I'm good. My looks confuse myself, so why, oh, why would I ever expect someone to properly "Classify" myself? If I did, I would be the fool. Plus, I like being a question mark to others. It encourages people to approach and speak with me. People, especially our youth are being mentally and emotionally attacked every-day.

Everything from books, movies, every media platform, and social interactions are causing mass confusion to these young ones whom are not being given the totality of truth before their hormone treatments and loping off or adding something to their physical body. The bible covers Mutilation to the body as something with red flags all over it. Now I just heard there are pills being given out which post-pones the bodies ability to go through puberty>< WOW! That made me really sad for the youth of today.

As far as tolerance goes... while I personally employ it, on the other thought;and this is an example, not application to the subject matter here: A parent cannot allow an unruly child to persist in their behavior. The loving parent must employ the correct and tailored discipline or even speech, so as to teach the adolescent how such behaviors are not acceptable at any time to any individual. Why? Because it will hurt themselves and others. I believe in that correctly employed behavior, more than I do in tolerance.

As I have chosen my own path as a connected star-child, I provide the following as my path to clarity without future confusion or regret:


Many people have many terms to identify either their gender or their sexual preference. In place of all that, UhmnaH’loom describes what is most important when I think upon this subject material. I am confusing in appearance. When I go out, I like to dress up, and mostly I am wearing female-like attire. Honestly, maybe I do it because I enjoy receiving, however I have not and am not interested in such acts with a man. I want to see a female every day, therefore I dress like a male bird, seeking to attract that one female confident enough to seize the opportunity with me. She is usually the one who is into what I enjoy.

I just don’t enjoy dividing things, unless I am doing so with an intent to increase the positive. In what I am as having a male body, I accept this. In what I am as in growing up with and around women, I accept this. I support women and my role as a male is to empower those whom are weak to re-member that they are strong. That is my ministry.

I have more than a hundred and twenty-nine aspects that create's who I am and I embrace the weakness that fuels my strengths (Aeyst). I keep the good out of anything I have ever learned and I discard the bad. Simply because the Jehovah’s witnesses have many horrible attributes that I have chosen to not repeat, the Love within me does not forget the beneficial elements they instilled into my life.

Many choose to forget. In forgetting does one leave the opportunity for repetition. If I remember, I both remember what to do and what not to do. I also recall what works in certain situations as I also know what is certain to fail with other situations. If fairness in equality is real in what is wanted, then learning to accept what is natural of self is the early stages of UhmnaH’loom.

The fifty-third principle, UhmnaH'loom

- Acceptance of power –

Male and Female qualities cooperation in perfect harmony. Using all elements of strength from each of the sexes, becoming embodied within oneself.
In life does our higher self (Kahluhahna) compose itself of elements that they have collected during many multiple lives lived. We see in some higher beings, that male and female qualities are present within those single complex beings. Our inner desires to reflect whom the being within, creates the being of UhmnaH’loom. Fore an advanced wisdom does not discriminate a gender, however embodies the strengthening qualities that is inert.

May we as a species evolve beyond the separation of attributes based upon what “category” a human body may be “classified” as. May we widen our thoughtful perception that a “male” fleshly body may have a dominant-Female Kahluhahna and that a female fleshly body may have a dominant-male KahLuhahna.

UhmnaH’loom is the acceptance of inner desires expressed through the active lifestyle of self. To break the confines of what modern culture has deemed to be “acceptable” always upholding awareness to influence love that is true. Learning to observe and appreciate all aspects of life that we see, is the first step to loving oneself, as we did when we were once children. May the species become united as a whole.

I have become exposed to many scientific understandings and the brain operates with different priorities, depending upon either male or female. I have payed attention and upon the male characteristics; there are few mental processing qualities which I use and many others I have greatly changed. The female direction and abilities of the brain; for the most of them, I use. My mind does not process like a male nor does my mind process like a female. I process as UhmnaH’loom.

I reconfigured my brain, according to changing my perceptions of everyday normality. I have used every word in this book and more, to develop beyond what I was born as. I refuse to mutilate my flesh to look different. Instead and not by choice my mind was tortured and mutilated. Break the mirror and find everyone standing there observing you.

Our minds have become blocked and to escape that blockade, one must use more abilities then is offered as a single gender. Take what is positive and leave the negative. We will become a being of light or darkness, it just depends what we choose to gather.
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