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Originally Posted by SpiritofZoe
Well I really didn't think the topic would be that allergenic. I had the impression the new counter culture of younger and younger Youth is very open and accepting. I could go on a tangent about what I think of this whole "Woke" meme as of late, but I won't.

So what if I just tell you, it's about my son. What would you think and/or do if you were the parent of a transgender child?

Sounds like we are in the same age range. I have a daughter who recently informed everyone on facebook she is gender fluid I believe is the term now. It was interesting to me as a parent. I saw this name pop up in my feed, and it was curious because her last name is a blend of her and her wifes names, and I was sure it was a made up name, but here was a name that the first name was different but the last the same. When I clicked on it and started reading, I knew of course who it was and when I got the jist from the first few lines, I stopped reading.

My first instinct was - hey, if she was going to go "live" with this sort of information, I would rather hear it from her (or him?), so I didn't read it. I did ask my son, you read it, what I am supposed to call her? He said I could call her by her given name and that wasn't a problem for her. As soon as I heard that, I was like, relief.

It has been many months, and the few times I've been allowed to speak to her she has never mentioned it. (That is a long story and mostly about scheduling and Covid - we all work different hours and they have a child who is homeschooled and its a whole thing to try and make a plan to zoom. She doesn't like talking on the phone because the phone messes with her energy field).

I find the transgender aspect of it interesting but not surprising. It is no issue for me, because I've know her since she was born. She was raised with boys until she was six. She has always been a tomboy. She is the most gentle of souls and always has been very feminine in certain aspects as well. So frankly I don't care what she wants to be called, because she hasn't changed. Just her name, apparently. She is and always will be my most beloved daughter. If she wants me to call her by another name, she can tell me herself LOL.

Sometimes her choices turn my hair grey, and I have to expand my belief system yet again, but on this one issue I have been doing a lot of research because I felt this was coming (a mother's intuition).

All I can say is, I have learned more from my children than my children learned from me.

I know I am not the generation you were hoping to speak to. From my perspective, her generation and younger are fine with it. Of course, I don't know anyone or relate to the religious community and haven't for many years so that could be why I think that.

For me it is a non-issue because she is the same person inside, no matter what she wants the outside to look like.

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